The secret of good business decisions is….. Timing

I’m nearly finished on this week’s blog. It’s a mentally challenging and conceptual taster for a technique we use in Business Decision Design® work. It brings fresh perspectives into strategy design or significant business decision making. I take a break to check the website stats for the last few weeks as I do occasionally. I’m staring at a wholesale slide in both visitors and views starting November 30th


All that discretionary time that we have sitting at our desks or in the coffee shop or on transport to flick through other people’s latest musings?


Replaced by:

  • Worrying what to get our partners for Christmas
  • Feeling too ropey to concentrate due to yet another party / festive social at work or at home
  • Wondering how anything is going to get done with December being only half a (working) month for many

Not the best time to launch a clever and mind-absorbing blog into the blog-o-sphere. So let’s do something a bit more light-hearted.

As the stand-up comedy tutors such as Stewart Lee tell us – timing is everything. Judging when an idea has landed and is at just the right degree of being understood by the audience to drop in the next punch-line… It’s an art.

Comic timing? But business is not a laughing matter.

Serious business people are not comic figures.

But experience tells us that it does matter when we make a trade or buy a house or book that holiday or order that new kitchen. Markets are not static – there are good times to buy and to sell.

It also matters when in their day we catch up with our client/ supplier/ boss/ partner. Are they a morning person or an afternoon or evening person? Are we better to catch them with others or when they are alone?

Is judging your market harder or easier than divining an audience?

Is picking a moment to engage easier or harder than knowing when to step into the twirling skipping rope (Not sure where that came from).

So maybe good business does share something with good comedy – the need for a well developed , both instinctual and rehearsed, sense of timing.

Timing is some thing we care a lot about at when we do Business Decision Design® work.

At which point I’ll wish you all a restful day and look forward to a more energetic blog-alogue in the New Year.


I might try my hand at Haiku-blogs for the next two weeks – just for a change.

Here is a link to the picture of those beautiful flints

Happy Christmas.

Nigel Stock

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