Two propositions’ Haikus plus ‘Dear Santa…… Perfect!’

To light the load on both reader and writer at this holiday time, I promised you Haiku Blogs. Here are two, each inspired by one of our propositions:

 Question your first choice

When no-one will ever know

It’s wise or wasted?

 Inspired by our Business Decision Design® approach to strategy implementation.


Each turn of the screw

Holding pieces together

Reaching into the wood

Inspired by our Agile Strategy Design® approach to business strategy development.


 Propositions now registered Trade Marks:

 Dear Santa…… Perfect!

 It has been an exciting time for my young sons. The magic of Christmas, building up for weeks ahead of the big day and then ebbing in the days after.

As part of the build up my four-year old was encouraged to write a letter to Santa. It started naturally enough with ‘Dear Santa’ and ended with the short but appealing declaration ‘Perfect!’.

I assume that there was something in the middle – a proclamation of good behaviour perhaps, a plea for certain gifts to appear and possibly the enticing offer of a snack to be left ready for the workers on Christmas eve.

However, I never found out what was in the body of the missive as its existence was only reported to me by my two-year old. He was sitting at the table with a pen and paper, just saying over and again “Dear Santa….. Perfect!” In mimicking his older brother he was sharing with me the bits that he could remember from the creative session.

It struck me that we can often remember how a message started or ended but that often the ‘content’ evaporates. Hence I suppose the common wisdom that ‘First impressions count’ and ‘Make sure you end with bang’.

Dear Santa…

If I had written to Santa on behalf of Agile Strategy Design Ltd I might have asked for our next contract to be focussed on Business Decision Design® rather than Agile Strategy Design™ work.

What we got was equally useful.

 On 25th December the formal certification for ‘Agile Strategy Design’ as a registered Trade Mark arrived in the e-mail, bearing a registration date of 25th December! I can only assume that the automated processes at the Intellectual Property Office had been left running while everyone was on holiday.


Here’s a link to this week’s picture from the BEYOND Advent event

Happy New Year



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