FOMO? FOBD! Recognise your fears and channel them for future success

My 22 year old daughter introduced me to ‘FOMO’ or ‘Fear of Missing Out’ as a modern description of what I believe to be a universal human psychological driver.

I know she did not just make it up because I saw it in an Evening Standard article last week (see point 9). It was about our obsession with mobile devices and ‘always on’ communications with both friends and work colleagues. Which we get sucked into… in case we miss out…


I remember in my youth I was sometimes worried that I wasn’t having the best time possible. Others seemed to have more fun, go out more, be with the most interesting people etc. In truth, I have experienced this at points throughout my life. Trust the next generation down to have ‘outed’ such insecurities and turned it into a populist acronym!

 But when it comes to Business – I think FOMO is part of a whole family of fears and insecurities:

 FOLD – Fear Of Looking Daft

FOLW – Fear Of Looking Weak

FOFM – Fear Of Financial Modelling

FOSH – Fear Of Seeking Help

FOTR – Fear Of Taking Risks

FOOP – Fear Of Offending People

FOWO – Fear Of Wrong Outcome

FOBO – Fear Of Butting Out

FOBD – Fear Of Bad Decision


I see some of these fears in all of the organisational situations that I work with. It’s natural. It’s human.

Often it can help to articulate those fears and share them with others. Not to expose personal weakness but to build a personal strength out of self-awareness. We all have an opportunity to be better.

My current FO.. is FOCT.

Be careful with the pronunciation. Fear Of Commuter Trains – as I continue to be a powerless nobody in the workings of the commuting infrastructure.

 I wonder what your FO.. Is this week?

 Our Business Decision Design® approach would help you to identify issues and risks in decision-making and create a safe environment in which to turn FOMO into bottom line success.

 I wish you a wonderful week.

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