Year-end update – Agile Strategy Design Ltd

As we slide into the financial year-end, I’m reflecting on the exciting projects that we have been involved with over the last 9 months and how this has created opportunity for Agile Strategy Design® & Business Decision Design® in the year ahead.

Shortly after I set up the company I did an agile strategy design and review for a small but important part of a national enterprise. This is an information services group that works with other national organisations to support their day to day activity. We designed the review to take an iterative, agile approach. For the short duration of this work I worked closely with client contributors. It was an intensive four weeks. We held meetings each week for ‘users’ to engage in exploration of divergent ideas presented as a weekly ‘thought piece’ and also to review the state of the current prototype that converged all the inputs and analysis to date. Four weeks later we had a product that was pronounced as ‘good’. In agile methodology this is exceeding the brief which is set as ‘good enough’. It was also described as an exemplar of what can be achieved in a short period of time. Six months later it was still being used as a reference for wider strategic discussions.

During the following eight months to the year-end I have made substantive contributions to two other projects over longer timeframes.

One of these was an agile strategy design assignment where I was given the role of strategy development SME (subject matter expert). I provided design input to the strategy design approach and then provided assurance on a ‘one day a week’ basis to the team. The team brought user advocates, technical experts and strategic insight together into a collaborative engagement with a weekly heartbeat. I provided focus by helping the team to develop a strategic narrative with direct impact and relevance to the business decisions required.

The third project is different again. I am carrying out an agile strategy design for a small but important component of a planned transformation of an entire division of a major enterprise. The cycle time of each agile design iterations is longer than the weekly examples above (~ 6 weeks) and there a much wider set of stakeholders to engage with. The business division is also engaged in continuous improvement activity so there is opportunity to ‘land’ some of the strategic changes while we are still developing the strategic organisational design.

 Directors love a ‘quick win’

Once again, strategic narratives and prototype designs are being created grounded in the client’s evolving governance framework. This means that there is a valuable piece of Business Decision Design® work embedded in the strategy design.

While each piece has been a different shape – the underlying approach and methods are the same.


It has been a busy three quarters leading to our first year-end.

I’m really looking forward to the next year:

New clients

New seminar series

New opportunities

More Blogs

 Here’s that picture again of the old Goldstone pumping station

 I wish you a sunny week…



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