Elegant Design

I do like an elegant design.

For me, examples of elegant design include: My kitchen table crafted from solid French Oak. My Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) just amaze and inspire me. Flint walls. A flower arrangement. Certain aspects of car design. My Philippe Stark citrus fruit juicer. My company logo (Thanks to Puree Design).

Actually it’s quite a short list which suggests to me that there’s not so much truly elegant design about.

A client recently reminded me of what is possibly a Steve Jobs quote although I have struggled to find it. Something along the lines of:

“It is not what you include in a design that makes the difference it is the hard choices about what you leave out.”

I like that.

It sounds cool and it sounds simple and I like cool and simple when it comes to business.

But what does it mean to me?

Well – when I used to be told about all the extra work and new processes that were go to be rolled out as part of a business change programme I would ask: “what are you going to stop doing so you have the capacity to do all this new stuff?”

Oddly that seemed like a hard question.

That is why the philosophy here is quite stripped back:

A) What are you trying to do and how do to aim to do it (This is what we cover with Agile Strategy Design®).

B) How do you make really good decisions on the way there (This is what Business Decision Design® is all about).

So let’s leave out:

  • Process and products that you don’t need
  • Formulaic market data that tells us about the past
  • Prejudice
  • Intuition (for now)

And let’s keep:

  • A creative sense of perspective
  • A high dose of ambition
  • Diversity of insights
  • Our focus on what decisions we need to make

The rest will follow.

Here’s the link to that elegant pavement design.

What did I leave out?


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