Leaving decisions to the last minute – inspiration or curse?

How often are you leaving decisions to the last minute?


What is the benefit of leaving insufficient time to do a proper analysis and consultation?

I suppose benefits might include:

  • Avoiding (for a while) admitting that you are not really confident about making a decision
  • The adrenalin buzz of staying up to 2am working out what to do
  • The extra time you have to gather data and insights so that your decision is not impacted by last minute changes in the environment

I find there are some decisions I just naturally want to defer and defer. I find these are the ones where I don’t really know where to start.

Other decisions, ones that I know how to analyse and model, I’m happy to dive into as soon as I can make some time free for the task.

I have also experienced an acute focus or clarity when I allow myself to creep up to the wire on a decision. Sometimes the extraneous noise just falls away and I’m left with a simpler decision based on the data available.

So while we might be comfortable,

leaving decisions

to the last minute, what do our friends and work colleagues make of it?

Do they want to be involved?  Do they wonder if we are trying to exclude them from the process?

Are they right to feel aggrieved if we leave them out of the process, deliberately or through an oversight?

I find it helpful to explore how decisions get made.

Rapid development methods require frequent, empowered decision-making from users. Properly understanding the process can help executives to delegate safely to the front-line users who are the key to business success. Large, monolithic, investment decisions may require reams and reams of data to be boiled down to determine the good from the bad.

If you don’t consciously deliberate on what decisions you are making and how you go about making them, then you limit your opportunities for being smarter than the competition.

Happy days.

I wish you a sunny week.

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