Team makes it easy

The team makes it easy:

It was a beautiful weekend – in Hove anyway. Sunshine and warm. At least on the land. We took the ski-boat out for an inaugural session to get the ski-season rolling – it was 11°C in the water.


Whether your sport is football or rugby, sailing or skiing, karate or climbing – the first session after a long break always serves to remind you what ‘match fit’ means and leaves you with aching muscles for a few days afterwards. Well, that’s what I find.

But the first session with people who make my top boating team also reminds me of how effortless it is to run a six hour sortie when you have willing hands guided by experienced minds with the mutual respect and friendship that comes from having done it all before together. United in a common mission. The team makes it easy.

I compare that to some of my recent assignments with clients. Tricky strategy development made difficult by the absence of a team and an absence of the group qualities listed above. If only it was as easy as sticking them all in a boat and dunking them in the cool spring ocean. Certainly, some leadership programmes focus heavily on simple shared experiences to build trust and understanding between executives on the corporate boat. Others focus on the impact of stretching teams to see how they react under pressure.

In agile strategy design® we want to quickly establish a core team and exercise them with the process of running a strategy design iteration. Usually with something easy as an initial scope so that we can focus on the process a bit more than the content. Then, as we rattle through the iterations of an agile strategy design assignment we can make the questions harder until our brains ache, but we are carried through by the spirit of team.

Team makes it easy.

How easy does your team make it when the questions are difficult?

Have a warm week.

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