Happy Birthday Blog – Thanks for reading

Well – here it is and without having to pay a royalty on the birthday tune;

Happy Birthday Blog!

Yes, the ASD-Ltd Blog is a year old. I don’t recall the exact date of the first one but my stats page tells me that this is post number 54 and at one per week plus a couple of gratuitous business updates – that’s a year’s worth.

When I launched the web-site in August last year I set myself the challenge of a weekly original blog. The objectives were to build both a body of thought and a reader base of some sort around agile strategy design® and business decision design®.

Rather than being tough it’s been quite enlightening. It has forced me to spend some time (usually train commuting) every week reflecting on my practice and the things I observe going on around me.

Without the challenge of the commitment I made I would just have read more news!

Anyway, I hope that everyone that has read an ASD-Ltd blog has enjoyed it at some level.

What does the stats page of WordPress tell me?

  • 1,162 visitors over the year. Low compared to sites that need to drive sales but ~100 visitors a month to my parochial corner of the web – I’m honoured.
  • 71% of all page views from the UK – not really surprising and as I only operate in South East England – that is a reassuring focus.
  • But Brazil with 10% of all page views and USA with 9% – that’s curious.

What I really enjoy is the very long tail of countries (49 of them – see all their pretty flags!). Over the year, one or two people have randomly turned up at the ASD-Ltd Blog and made sure they did not go back!

As I am not looking to build a mass following I’m happy with these numbers. I get a slightly different set of numbers from LinkedIn and I take them with a pinch of salt as LinkedIn is getting ever more pointy about monetising my information – but they report how many people have ‘seen’ my blog ‘Update’ each week.

It has averaged 78 a week.

That’s 3.5 times the number of visitors the site is recording each week. I suspect it is the number of people in my network who have had my update publication notice flash up on their screen 🙂

For the few who have commented or ‘liked’ the posts; Thank You.

I’d love to say that I was blogging for you but I suspect I’m really doing it for me.

Happy Birthday ASD Blog.

Link to this week’s picture.

Happy days


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