Agile Strategy design

Create fresh strategy for your business, fast, for a fixed cost

Our agile strategy design® services enable you to:

  • Rapidly review changes to your business context

  • Create new strategic options that will open up fresh opportunities

  • Bridge the gap between strategic intention and implementation

Agile Strategy Design

For many businesses 5 year strategies are a thing of the past as markets change ever more swiftly and become less easy to predict.

Agile Strategy Design® enables you to rapidly review your strategic opportunities in response to events as they unfold around you.

It has become increasingly important to bring diverse skills and experiences into strategy development work to avoid your team getting stuck in ‘group-think’.

We offer agile strategy products designed to meet the needs of your business:

Agile Strategy Design

This is a short task that captures your requirements for a strategy update. It suggests at least two approaches to generating and integrating fresh strategic insights into your business thinking, focussed on the need to inform the key decisions facing you.

Agile Strategy Review

This product is the implementation of your preferred approach from the Agile Strategy Design task. It delivers strategic options and an evaluation framework to meet your specific needs. It does this in a fixed timeframe, for a fixed cost, using ‘agile’ methodology.