Business Decision Design

Grow your business purposefully, by making better decisions everyday

Our business decision design® services enable you to:

  • Review your organisation’s capability for good decision-making

  • Raise managers’ awareness of decision-making techniques

  • Design better governance and ways of working

Business Decision Design

Business Decision Design® enables you to take a fresh look at how your business works by focusing on its capability and capacity for making decisions.

Research tells us that we are not as competent at decision-making as we might like to think. Also that we often make decisions using ‘intuition’, ignoring a more logical or data-driven analysis.
And when we do use ‘data’ we can be misled by the limited data that is available to us.

We offer business decision products designed to meet the needs of your business:

Business Decision Health Check

A short, structured look at how your business goes about making key decisions. It provides feedback on how well your processes are working and opportunities for improvement given the current business context and future aspirations. It involves discussions with up to six key staff and provides a concise opinion on opportunities to improve and practical steps that you could take.

Business Decision Framework Review

A more detailed review of how your organisation approaches significant decisions. It uses our business decision model as a basis for analysing current practices and opening up ideas for improvement in creativity, quality and control. Typically this involves discussions with key staff and a workshop. Recommendations are firmly grounded in the reality of your business context.

Business Decision Framework Design

If the health-check or a review highlights opportunities for your business related to its governance framework, we can help you design one that is the right fit for your business. We will always ensure that any proposal is founded in ‘appropriate controls’ not unnecessary process.

Business Decision Design Training

You may be used to thinking about decision frameworks or it may be a fresh way of looking at your business. You may want to share this approach more widely in your organisation and to embed some of the tools. We design and facilitate training workshops to do just that.

Outcome Assurance Review

This review focusses into one of the areas of the decision-making framework that is sometimes neglected; “Just how much does each of your activities contribute towards your overall business goals?”. Do you know how much of your current investment of time and money is going to the activities that will have the most impact on business achievement? We use a simple yet powerful tool, in workshop sessions, to analyse the current degree of alignment and to draw out suggestions for re-balancing your portfolio of investment in business improvements.