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A model of Snowdog in front of beach huts.

Serendipity or “A funny thing happened on the way to …”

‘Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”’ [Wikipedia]. It describes the experience of those who are ‘always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of’. Several serendipitous experiences have recently added to the catalogue of knowledge that informs my approach to business decision design®. Two of these […]

Even a simple building decoration project can test the responsibility framework!

Responsibility – blessing or curse?

How do you feel about personal responsibility? If you are leading or managing a business then you are no stranger to responsibility but some people wear it better than others. I have observed people who shy away from it, often hiding behind a smoke-screen of activity and in the relatively safety of team working and […]

Decision Network Components

What makes us decide to change our behaviour?

I’m curious about a news story that I recently caught on Radio 4. Some economists from Cambridge and Oxford were publicising the research they have done on human travel patterns before, during and after the February 2014 Tube strikes in London. Link to research and License The researchers had access to millions of anonymised Oyster […]


Fresh beginnings…

After nearly 14 years as a management consultant with a UK-based FTSE 250 design, engineering and technology company I have made a fresh start. I am still offering business consultancy services but as a micro-business which gives me more flexibility to meet client’s needs. However, this is a well-trodden path so is there really anything […]