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A Birthday stone for Blog

Happy Birthday Blog – Thanks for reading

Well – here it is and without having to pay a royalty on the birthday tune; Happy Birthday Blog! Yes, the ASD-Ltd Blog is a year old. I don’t recall the exact date of the first one but my stats page tells me that this is post number 54 and at one per week plus […]

The old Goldstone Pump House is a metaphor for new chapters opening after each year-end.

Year-end update – Agile Strategy Design Ltd

As we slide into the financial year-end, I’m reflecting on the exciting projects that we have been involved with over the last 9 months and how this has created opportunity for Agile Strategy Design® & Business Decision Design® in the year ahead. Shortly after I set up the company I did an agile strategy design […]

A Business Update is a chance to examine the fine grain detail of our work

Business Update – Agile Strategy Design Ltd

I thought it would be interesting to share a Business update on the Weekly Blog, partly as an exercise in transparency and partly as a learning exercise from the reflection and analysis involved. Beginnings… June 2015 saw the incorporation of the company, underpinned by a really ambitious piece of agile strategy design work. It was […]