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The long shadows of the setting sun remind us that having a PMO as a beacon of truth is useful but may also obscure aspects of our journey.

PMO or Strategic Investment Decision Support?

Which adds more value: PMO or Strategic Investment Decision Support unit? I was once asked to design a Strategic Investment Decision Support (SIDS) unit as part of an overhaul of governance for a FTSE 250 company. It was in fact a PMO, where the ‘P’ in this instance stood for ‘Portfolio’ rather than ‘Project’ or […]

Common sense prevails - let's find out what the problem is before invoking the dooms-day scenario

Common Sense in decision-making

Have you read ‘Managing Public Money’? It’s a Treasury publication of the rules and guidance that public bodies and their Accounting Officers must follow when managing public money. Don’t be put off by the 217 pages – the main body of the text is only ~ 70 (the rest being appendices). In particular I like the Foreword. The one that […]

Can you trust an artist to stay on track with their commission?

Trust – its role in decision-making

I was reflecting on the nature of trust in business. And on its impact on decision-making (that’s what we spend most of our time doing in Business Decision Design®). I recently did a strategy implementation event design and facilitation for a really interesting medium-sized business. With all the changes to my work focus and new […]

The Victor paid attention to design in decision-making

Design in decision-making

My web-designer does not understand why I have the word ‘design’ in both the Trademarked propositions that we offer. For me it is because the ‘design’ activity is often missing when creating business decision frameworks or creating business strategy. And I mean ‘design’ as a creative endeavour as well as a discipline. Given the media […]

Reaching the buffers proves you have reached the end of the line. Time to revise your decision strategies.

Decision strategies

I’m travelling to London as I do most days. I need decision strategies as delays are common place and trains are cancelled frequently. But my experience has taught me that the network tends to recover quite quickly and rather than join the hundreds of other people crowding on to other less direct services I’m better […]

The old Goldstone Pump House is a metaphor for new chapters opening after each year-end.

Year-end update – Agile Strategy Design Ltd

As we slide into the financial year-end, I’m reflecting on the exciting projects that we have been involved with over the last 9 months and how this has created opportunity for Agile Strategy Design® & Business Decision Design® in the year ahead. Shortly after I set up the company I did an agile strategy design […]

Decision made! Applying principles helped.

Difficult decision? – it’s a matter of principles

Sometimes the decision is easy. Logic applies. The decision and the outcome can be parameterised. Data is available. The data is complete and accurate, a tried and tested method for evaluation based on the data is available. Nothing weird or disruptive is happening in the environment, stakeholders are of one mind… I did say ‘sometimes’! […]

Use feedback to explore goal conflicts in the team

Agile Strategy Design – feedback and lessons learnt

We successfully completed the latest Agile Strategy Review assignment, on time and about 10% under budget. This allowed the client the flexibility to choose between expanding the scope and adding a further design increment or stopping with the previously agreed deliverable and keeping the cash. They chose to add in an additional short design cycle […]

Decision Network Components

What makes us decide to change our behaviour?

I’m curious about a news story that I recently caught on Radio 4. Some economists from Cambridge and Oxford were publicising the research they have done on human travel patterns before, during and after the February 2014 Tube strikes in London. Link to research and License The researchers had access to millions of anonymised Oyster […]

Agile strategy review schematic

How agile is my strategy review assignment?

I’m currently engaged to produce a strategic review for an information services business. I have 13 working days to deliver a Board-level briefing paper with supporting rationale. You can see that I enjoy a challenge. This review is necessarily a study of studies which involves reading ~ 30 documents about strategic intent and having sheep-dip […]