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Backlit puff-ball clouds fill the twilight sky on Solstice night

Solstice already?

The Solstice marks the longest day, The summer solstice means the longest day has passed and we start the journey into winter. Already? It always catches me out. Just as we are starting to celebrate the warmth of the cusp between Spring and Summer – that’s it – daylight reductions from here on in. As […]

Recyling plastic waste as art. Agile long-term.

Agile long-term

Some of you who recognise ‘Dilbert’ (Scott Adams’s famous cartoon character) may remember the ‘Bungee Boss’. As a reminder, the boss showed up just long enough to make some visible changes that improved some key business indicators in  the short term. He was instantly promoted and moved onwards and upwards before the negative, long-term impacts of his […]

Cow with umbrella in high street shop. That's different to our normal expectations

Setting expectations – Viva la difference!

So that is meant to be in Spanish but looks like French – can you tell that I am not a linguist? Essentially I have some observations to share about how we perceive the world around us based on the expectations that we have of it. As a family we are just back from Granada […]

Use feedback to explore goal conflicts in the team

Agile Strategy Design – feedback and lessons learnt

We successfully completed the latest Agile Strategy Review assignment, on time and about 10% under budget. This allowed the client the flexibility to choose between expanding the scope and adding a further design increment or stopping with the previously agreed deliverable and keeping the cash. They chose to add in an additional short design cycle […]