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Going slow - it hurts my motor to go so slow!

Going slow – is that a healthy business response?

 “Motors going slow” I am going slow on my walk. I’m inspired by this orange and white beauty parked in a driveway. The owner did tell me the make and model and the name of the specific paint colour but I wasn’t listening properly (I had to look it up later). I was just in awe […]

Inspiration from shapes and colours in Spring blooms

Inspiration – from cancellation!

I do like to reflect ideas and inspirations from my working life (and sometimes from my family life) into my work Blog. But how can I find inspiration when the first act of the working week is met with: ‘Train cancelled’ due to; ‘shortage of train crew availability’. I managed to get up and out of […]

Even a simple building decoration project can test the responsibility framework!

Responsibility – blessing or curse?

How do you feel about personal responsibility? If you are leading or managing a business then you are no stranger to responsibility but some people wear it better than others. I have observed people who shy away from it, often hiding behind a smoke-screen of activity and in the relatively safety of team working and […]