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Retreat to the woods

Dear Blog – Postcard from a woodland retreat

Time for our annual retreat! We are sharing our idyllic woodland retreat with ~2,500 other guests. Yet as I sit here penning this postcard there is not a single person in sight. I’m surrounded by Silver Birch and Sitka Spruce and the trail-ways through the forest are eerily quiet. I can see dozens of cabins […]

Fatigue - are you getting enough sleep?

Fatigue – how does it impact your decision-making?

Two bits of news about fatigue have popped up recently and raised my curiosity about how well I look after myself when major decisions are afoot. Firstly there was the news that; if you only get 6 hours sleep a night for 10 days straight, rather then the recommended seven to nine hours, the Royal […]

Common sense prevails - let's find out what the problem is before invoking the dooms-day scenario

Common Sense in decision-making

Have you read ‘Managing Public Money’? It’s a Treasury publication of the rules and guidance that public bodies and their Accounting Officers must follow when managing public money. Don’t be put off by the 217 pages – the main body of the text is only ~ 70 (the rest being appendices). In particular I like the Foreword. The one that […]

Blue sky meets blue sea. No pink in sight. Is this a gender issue?

The role of gender in decision-making

My experience is that gender is a heavy-weight discussion topic. I once took an excellent MSc course on ‘Change Agents’ Skills and Strategies’. I recall that it was only after two years of learning to be more open, more authentic, more empathetic people that we were allowed to divide the room into men opposite women […]