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This slime is from a childrens science kit but nicely illustrates the two modes of behaviour; flow and resistance

What is your organisation made of? Slime?

Sometimes I have done Organisational Design (OD) work. OD is often part of the bridge between Strategy and Implementation. But we don’t usually talk about slime! What is an organisation made of? If we are building a new, or renovating an existing, organisation – what building materials do we need? Typically we may think about […]

Common plantain holds grasses at bay with its innate land and expand strategy

Land and expand. How agile is that strategy?

Land and expand  is a common strategy in situations where success is directly linked to the number of personnel deployed. Land and expand is everywhere In nature plants such as plantains (see this week’s cover picture) use this effectively, spreading out horizontally to block light from the surrounding grass as it competes for air, water […]

Tree Root Fungus - symbiotic collaboration or competition?

Collaboration or Competition? Which strategy for prosperity?

How do I see the backdrop? I think that collaboration was once a dirty word. Proposing collaboration suggested that your organisation was weak and not competent to succeed on its own. It became more acceptable as the European Union research programmes actively promoted pre-competitive research through collaborative projects. I think this was about improving the […]

Agile strategy review schematic

How agile is my strategy review assignment?

I’m currently engaged to produce a strategic review for an information services business. I have 13 working days to deliver a Board-level briefing paper with supporting rationale. You can see that I enjoy a challenge. This review is necessarily a study of studies which involves reading ~ 30 documents about strategic intent and having sheep-dip […]